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The major material of DAMEIN is Viscose from the natural pulps & there is no smell or ashes when it is burned.
Maximize the favorable effects of bath or shower in a relatively short time, so that we could save the water &
many types of soup. And also its durability of 2 years gives you more economic satisfaction.
New Patented Technologies
The first in the world technology & patented LOOP type twisted viscose allows you soft & easy dirt off from your skin.

How to use...

  • » Make body soup bubbles on the towel. - The more bubbles, the better performance.
  • » Do not scrub the skin too hard but touch softly.
  • » After using the towel, it is recommended to clean it.
  • DM-7711DM-7711Sizes: 150 x 110 (cm)
  • DM-7722DM-7722Sizes: 245 x 100 (cm)
  • DM-7733DM-7733Sizes: 165 x 810 (cm)
  • Individual PackageIndividual Package