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DAMEIN°∆ Callus Reducers are specially designed to work on dry skin, enabling you to have beautiful feet at all times! Light-weight DAMEIN°∆ Callus Reducers can be taken everywhere. They will not come apart, and will last and last. It's State-of-the-art abrasive surface safely and gently smooth away hard , rough skin and calluses for an unsurpassable smooth pedicure. DAMEIN°∆ Callus Reducers will not take away healthy skin, making calluses grow back slower and softer overtime. DAMEIN°∆ Callus Reducers are Non-Porous for maximum safety and hygiene. They will not trap skin in it, and can be easily sanitized on any plastic safe sanitizing solution.

  • DMP-720/730/740DMP-720/730/740Fine/ Medium/ Coarse
  • DM-705DM-705Medium Grade
  • DM-704DM-704Coarse Grade
  • DM-502DM-502Medium Grade
  • DM-404DM-404Coarse Grade
  • DMP-710/711/712DMP-710/711/7120Fine/ Medium/ Coarse
  • DM-706DM-706Medium Grade
  • DM-406DM-406Coarse Grade
  • DM-707DM-707Medium Fine Grade
  • DM-100/101/102DM-100/101/102Fine/ Medium/ Coarse Grade

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